Monday, September 20, 2010

Konstanty Klimoski

Many of the early arrivals to Globeville's Polish community, including Konstanty Klimoski, Piotr Skomorski, Andrew Kowalczyk, Gabriel Cymanski, Andrew Mantych, Jan, Jacob, and Frank Wargin came from the Russian sector of Poland. In the old country, they were subjected to political and religious persecution. It's not surprising that when they settled in Globeville, these men embraced the opportunity to shape the institutions important to them. These men were active in forming the Polish National Alliance, an ethnic, fraternal organization, and were also among the founders of St. Joseph’s Polish Church. Prominent among these leaders was Konstanty Klimoski.

Steve Klimoski remembers, “My grandfather, Konstanty Klimoski, was a big deal in Globeville. In those days, he was like a millionaire because he owned the Cozy Movie Theatre, this huge house at 48th and Washington and had one of the first automobiles in Globeville. He arrived about 1885 and worked in the Grant Smelter. Then he went into business for himself because he had all these kids. He put Wacie [Walter] into the grocery business and Joe Klimoski in the beer joint business, the JK Cafe. He contributed his time digging the foundation for the St. Joseph’s Church, donated a window in St. Joseph’s and one in Holy Rosary Church.”


Samantha said...

Can you let me know where I might be able to get a copy of this photgraph?

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Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you plan to do with the photograph. I have the permission to use this photo but don't feel comfortable giving a copy without knowing more about your situation. could you send me an email address?
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