Thursday, May 16, 2013


Globeville is surrounded by highways and industry - the eye in a hurricane of busyness. But away from the traffic noise and activity are small islands of quiet in the yards and gardens that feature a sacred shrine. These shrines are carefully constructed of stone, cement or wood, nestled among the flowers or displayed on an apron of cement. Some honor the Sacred Heart, St. Francis, St. Joseph or St. Anthony, but the most popular subject in Globeville is the Blessed VirginThe time and craftsmanship required raise questions - does this shrine represent a life-long devotion, gratitude for prayer that was answered, or the continuation of a cultural tradition from Eastern Europe or Mexico, where roadside grottoes are common. Each shrine is a glimpse into the faith of its builder, and has the power to generate a moment of reflection in passersby.  

On 47th Avenue

Lincoln Street
Sherman Street
A lovely garden and sitting area surrounds this shrine

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