Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fuel and Feed

In 1934, almost all Globeville people relied on coal to heat their homes and power their businesses. Many in the neighborhood (in defiance of Denver city ordinances) also kept horses, chickens, geese, rabbits, doves, and the occasional hog. For one-stop shopping, citizens could purchase what they needed at Globeville Fuel and Feed at 4425 Washington. Paul Goreski remembered, "They sold coal, animal feed and hay. The fellow who owned it, Jimmy O’Conner, used to go to South Park in the summertime to get hay and my folks used to go with him." David Freehling's Blacksmith Shop at 4627 Washington kept Globeville's steeds in shoes and harnesses, and produced metal parts for farm implements.
On the east side of block was the Ruff's Garage at 4492 Washington Street providing both coal for heat and gasoline for the growing number of cars and trucks. Navy Fuel and Gas at 4588 and the Merchant Oil Filling Station at 4601 Washington also catered to patrons with automobiles
Today, the area is at the interchange of I-70 and Washington, with a Conoco super station on the south side of the highway and a 7-11 service station on the north. Fuel and feed has been replaced by pump-it-yourself gas and fast food for travelers. 

Unknown man, Jimmy O'Conner (seated), Pete Goreski about 1930,
Globeville Fuel and Feed 4425 Washington Street, photo used with written permission from Paul Goreski

Ruff Coal Company, 4492 Washington Street circa 1937, 
photo used with written permission from Linda and Dennis Ruff

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