Sunday, June 16, 2013

A mayor from Globeville

From the time he was 10 years old and accompanying his grandmother to pancake breakfasts at Holy Rosary Church, Isaac Solano has been saying that, one day, he would be mayor of Denver. Those who know him never doubted it.
Steadfastly pursuing that goal, Isaac distinguished himself at Denver's North High, founding the Ethics Club, joining the DPS student Board of Education and taking advantage of the school's mentors and advisors. A Gates Millennium Scholarship provided four years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Isaac graduating in the spring of 2013. This fall, Isaac will take another step toward his dream, beginning a Master's program in Political Science and Education at New York's Columbia University
But when people ask the future mayor where he's from, he confidently answers, "I'm from Globeville - do you know where that is?" Isaac has never forgotten. 
Raised by his grandparents, Bill and Stella Chacon, in their modest Globeville home, Isaac is proud of his neighborhood and wants Globeville residents to succeed as he has done, by dreaming big and working hard. Speaking to fifth graders at Garden Place Academy, the neighborhood school he once attended, Isaac hoped to present a world of possibilities outside of their neighborhood. During a summer break, Isaac ran a month-long College Boot Camp at his former middle school, convincing other inner-city kids that they could be the first member of their family to attend and succeed in college. 
For all his achievements, awards and accolades, Isaac gives thanks and credit to everyone who has helped and encouraged him. A party to celebrate his graduation from the University of Wisconsin included politicians, city officials, former teachers, advisors, mentors and people from Globeville - neighbors, his religious education teachers from Holy Rosary Church, relatives and childhood friends. 
To find all his individual accomplishments and awards, type "Isaac Solano" in your computer's browser. To find our future mayor, visit Globeville, where Isaac returns often and remains the same friendly, humble person Globeville folks remember.

Isaac's religious education teacher, Romelia Carrillo, 
Grandfather Bill Chacon, Isaac and Grandmother Stella Chacon.