Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ironton School

The Ironton School at 36th and Delgany Street was designed by architect John J. Huddart, a native of England who moved to Denver in 1882. Built in 1890, the school served children of workers at the Grant and Globe Smelters and the Union Pacific shops, who were mainly German, Swedish, Scotch, Irish and Slavs. As more industry moved into the neighborhood, families moved out of the area, the school was closed and students transferred to Garden Place School in 1937. The building then served as a temporary home to students of Annunciation Catholic Parish for two years while repair work was being done on the parish school. Ironton found new life as a WPA Sewing Center for several years and was then purchased by a private party and converted into apartments. This handsome building was demolished in 1955 and the site is now home to one of Denver's auto impound lots.
Photo of Ironton School, Denver Public Library
Photo of impound lot, Mary Lou Egan

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Adrienne said...

Hi Mary Lou,

I'm a teacher at Garden Place. I know our librarian was in touch with you last year. You had a fabulous display in our library for a while! I'm working on my master's in education and am also creating a project about Globeville. Your blog is a GREAT resource, and I'm wondering if you can share some of your resources with me. I need to be able to cite my information pretty specifically. Can you help? Thanks so much! you can contact me at or call me at 303.667.3703.