Monday, August 16, 2010

Tradition Continues at Holy Rosary

In the photo of the first Holy Rosary Parish bazaar in 1919, the men are wearing suits and the ladies are in their native Slovenian and Croatian dresses from the “old country.” They are hoping to raise money for their new church and one can imagine that there was singing, dancing, ethnic food and games.
Holy Rosary will continue this tradition on Sunday, August 29th from 8:30 am to 8 pm in the school parking lot. There will be music, dancing and ethnic food favorites from pancakes to potica and tamales. Music and entertainment will begin at 11:30 with Matachin dancers, live bands, a DJ and Slovenian accordion master, Joann Birsa. Activities for the children include face painting and pony rides. Historic Holy Rosary Church will be open for tours at 1 pm after all the Masses.
Holy Rosary Parish is located at 4688 Pearl Street in Denver, off of I-70 and Washington Street in the Globeville neighborhood. For more information call 303-297-1962 between 9 am and 1 pm.
1919 bazaar photo courtesy of Holy Rosary Church
photos of pony rides and potica by Mary Lou Egan


Canjar said...

So glad I found your blog! My father was born at 45th and Pennsylvania in 1910, and for many years his family operated a store on that corner, which later became my uncle's shop (Canjar Triggers). Reading your stories and seeing the pics helps me connect with what my dad's early life would have been. Thanks! Mark Canjar

Mary Lou Egan said...

Mark, wonderful to hear from you! I love hearing about early life in Globeville and visiting with folks allows me to live in that wonderful world.

My 86-year-old mother, June Jackson Egan, lived on the 4500 block of Sherman and my grandpa worked for Evanetich, Gerhardt, and Yelenick grocers as a butcher at various times. Mom currently resides at the Gardens at St. Elizabeth's. One of my favorite residents there is 94-year-old Mary Canjar. Her brother, Father John Canjar, visits often.

I welcome your memories and stories about the Canjar family.
Mary Lou